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CM Truck Beds
At All Pro Trailers we now have more than 65 new CM Truck beds to choose from in stock and ready to go today! Choose to pick up your new truck bed immediately or have it installed; the choice is yours. Thanks to the growing industries of farming and construction in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina; we decided that it was now time for us to start offering and installing truck beds. After exhaustive research, we decided that CM truck bodies were the Truck beds for us because we always offer our customers the very best we can!

Why is a CM Truck Body Better than the Rest?

  • CM Truck BedsVersatile – CM Truck Beds offer a versatile solution and we currently have 11 models for you to choose from which all come with all of the innovative standard features that CM is known for providing. We can provide you with custom haulers and flatbeds to suit any range from three quarters of a ton up to 4500 & 5500 Dodge Rams too. From Gooseneck balls to receiver hitches, toolboxes and more; we offer more than 25 different configurations of your CM trailer to choose from.
  • Strong – CM truck beds offer 4” channel cross members that will never hold water and therefore will not rust. Not only this, CM uses thick 1/8”/ 11 Gauge steel decking which is much stronger and more durable than the lighter 13 gauge material that most other bed builders use.
  • Durable – Each and every CM Truck Bed goes through a five stage process of Powder Coating to ensure exceptional durability. This five stage process consists of media blasting, prep, wash and rinse which are all applied prior to the application of the powder coated finish to ensure exceptional adhesion to the surface to create a strong and durable high luster finish that will provide exceptional use and durability for many years.

From our quality GP Boom Bed to the functional SS and RD Flatbeds we have got what you need here at All Pro Trailers. In fact, you will find the popular TM Utility body which can accommodate a variety of features from a standard Gooseneck trailer while also providing you plenty of additional room tool bo storage if needed. CM is known for providing quality innovative truck bed designs that improve every year. So, if you require an aluminum CM truck bed; we have the best aluminum beds in the market. Not only this, you will also find a full selection of CM hitches, bed fitting Gooseneck balls that are model specific, powder coating, DOT lighting and wire harnesses as well as many other impressive standard features you will find on quality CM Truck Beds.